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Bug#256547: installation-reports: i486 with 20 MB lowmem+floppy fails as expected

Package: installation-reports
Version: floppy image in tc1 (2004-05-30 22:19)
Severity: normal

Machine: IBM Thinkpad230Cs
Processor: 80486 DX2 50 MHz
Memory: 20 MB (4MB+16MB, Max)
Root Device: IDE (Upgraded to 2GB)
Root Size/partition table: 
 hda1 ext3 (woody system was going to be wiped and over written)
 hda5 swap
 ...  more ext2 FS for woody
Output of lspci:
 N/A now.

Failed to install as expected :)

Base System Installation Checklist: (No special action, linux)

Initial boot worked:    [O] Mention low mem.
Configure network HW:   [O]
Config network:         [O]
Detect CD:              [N/A] (Floppy/network install) 
Load installer modules: [E] Without swap, it failed as expected
[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it


Base System Installation Checklist: (Boot with expert)

Initial boot worked:    [O] Mention low mem.
Load deiver from floppy:[O] net-drivers.img
Choose language:        [O]
Choose country:         [O] Belgium/English/PC-AT/us
Detect network:         [O] Start PC card yes:
  complain about lack of modules such as ide-detect, ide-*, isofs
Configure network HW:   [O] Yes DHCP without DHCP hostname
Config network:         [O] 
 At this stage, ide modules are not available.
Load installer modules: [ ] 
 manually just select installer components only.
 it install many modules such as lowmem again here.
 Are they needed?
 Abort at lvm2-udeb  (Free/MEM is 636) same as above.
 Go to console and I could activate swap using devfs device name but too

Detect CD:              [N/A] 



I was pleasantly surprised to see my old PC card (16bit) NIC was

Considering for most people installing lowmem, lvm2-udev etc are not
needed.  So if lowmem flags some packages out of initial downloads, I
may have survived.  (Do not download in one action.  Just download 
first set and prompt for user interaction only for lowmem, then install
the rest.)

As I think about it, I just need some way to selectively install modules
(I am sure there is but it is not obvious) such as ide normal modules
so swap can be easily activated. For lowmem, I think ide-detect module
etc. needs to be there before normal action of installer modules.  This
will give access to swap so memory will not run out so easily.

If there is a small optional module to activate some hard disk partition
automatically, I think lowmem support will be greater.


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