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Bug#256301: LVM in Beta 4

Leszek wrote:
> Weird thing. I must have installed Debian some 50 times now on different 
> machines; I've used d-i Beta 2 and the very same CD with Beta 4 on my own 
> comp with no problems.
> Yesterday I've tried to use Beta 4 on my friend's comp; the problem was 
> that upon selecting a root partition for a format and setting up a swap 
> part. , it started bugging me about LVM. No matter which option I went for 
> ( and I've tried everything ) it kept spitting out errors ( "no physical 
> partitions set up for LVM, cannot add group", etc )
> Finally, I gave up and used Beta 2 instead which succeeded.

Can you reproduce the problem? This is where a copy of the
/var/log/syslog, partman, and messages files from the installer would be
most helpful to us.

see shy jo

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