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Bug#255138: Installation report for TC1 on Dell PowerEdge 2650 (99% Flawless!)

Sam Powers wrote:
> It booted fine, the installer started okay, but  during the hardware 
> detection, I got 2 spurious errors while running 'modprobe -v aic7xxx'. 
> One during CD-ROM detection, the other during network hardware 
> detection. This happens under 2.4 and 2.6.

If you still have the system, what happens if you modprobe aic7xxx on
the installed system? Any interesting messages to console or dmesg? Does
the system actually have a card that would be driven by this, or was it
completly spurious that the installer tried to load the module?

> During network hardware detection, with linux26, it failed to detect the 
> network adapter. 2.4 didn't fail, and detected both "BROADCOM 
> Corporation NetXtreme BCM5703X Gigabit Ethernet" adapters, using what I 
> think is the 'tg3' driver.

That driver has been removed from Debian's 2.6 kernel, but is shceduled
to be added back.

see shy jo

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