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Bug#255431: ddetect: finds mptscsih.o too late

martin f krafft wrote:
> For kicks, I used VMware's Symbios Logic SCSI adapter, which needs
> the mptscsih.o module. When scanning for CD-ROMs, this module was
> not displayed in the list. Only when scanning for network hardware
> did it turn up. That's confusing and if my CD-ROM is on said SCSI
> adapter, it'll prevent the installation.

It helps to understand how ddetect really works. It always scans for
everything, and it always installs all available module for any hardware
it finds that does not have a module loaded yet. If it didn't find this
module until the second run, then it was presumably loaded from the CD
during the first run. So I guess you didn't have a CD drive on a
controller driver by the mptscsih kernel module.

mptscsih is included in the scsi-extra-modules udeb, which is not
included on the CD initrd to save space. As you noted, if the CD was on
such a SCSI controller, d-i would not be able to mount the CD. If
mptscsih is non-esoteric (the kernel config description of it sounded
pretty esoteric to me) and if it's possible to hook a CD up to it, then 
it needs to be in a different udeb than this one.

The kernel docs don't mention Symbios Logic SCSI adapter's needing the
mptscsih module. Is that really the right one, and can you really hook a
CD (or virtual CD) up to the controller?

(Reassigning to linux-kernel-di-386)

see shy jo

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