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Bug#254754: Grub added a "Other operating systems" entry, that does nothing.

On Thu, Jun 24, 2004 at 07:26:22AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Hmmmm, I'm afraid there is a little misunderstanding
> here. grub-installer really uses the "title" option of course.
> However, as Debian Installer tries to detect other operating systems
> on the installed system, and add GRUB menu entries for them, it indeed
> uses a "fake" menu entry, named "Other operating systems", which just
> does nothing......and below it are the real entries for booting the
> detected Operatin SYstems such as Windows flavours, other Linux
> installs, Solaris, whatever....
> The bug submitter here just mentioned that the "Other operating
> Systems" entry just did nothing.
> So I turned out to a kind of wishlist for GRUB?: having some possible
> "section titles", just needed for sorting things, on which the pointer
> cannot be moved (it just moves over it).
> As the bug submitter mentioned, this is far from being critical, more
> a wishlist and probably to be forwarded upstream.
> So, if that kind of special title is currently not possible with GRUB,
> I'd prefer see this bug assign to grub, of course.

Why don't you indent the non-dummy titles? Then the dummy one won't look to
the user as a real option.

Robert Millan

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