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Bug#255545: hppa d-i install success!

Kyle McMartin wrote:
> 	System came up fine! Used tasksel to install a few tasks with
> no issues. The only conceivable problem is that in my xterm running
> minicom to the B180, tasksel does not highlight what you currently have
> tabbed, which meant I had to play guessing games to figure out how to
> hit "Finish." Will try using aptitude on tomorrow's build.

This will probably be fixed by the tasksel in unstable, which uses the same
debconf UI as the rest of the installer.

> Will try tc2 with a cd-rom boot, when it's released.

It would actually be helpful if you could try a sarge_d-i CD build now, or
the old tc1, because we've had no install reports on hppa for tc1 at
all, and that was one of the reasons it wasn't blessed as a rc1. If it
or sarge_d-i still have problems with hppa, we need to get those fixed.

see shy jo

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