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Re: Bug#255012: debian-installer: d-i tc1 still has broken busybox, unusable on all sparc machines made last 5 years

In article <[🔎] 20040623174020.GA32603@kitenet.net> joeyh@debian.org writes:
>I was also under the impression that
>sparc64 didn't need to load many modules; that most are built into the
>kernel. Perhaps that's wrong or has recently changed though.

The cdrom drivers are needed for all buesinesscard, netinst and full
cdrom images.  The kernel maintainer refused to add them to the kernel
image.  This is not recent, it's been a problem since d-i got working
that far on sparc64.

Only the netinstall and minicd images don't need the cdrom drivers.
(As far as I can tell, the minicd image is created debian-boot but not

In other words, all sparc sarge cd images debian distributes are
unuable on sparc64.

Another bug that caused the sparc images not to find the initrd on
many sparc64 systems seems to have been tracked down, and possibly
fixed in the latest silo.  (Apparently related to the physical memory
layout of the machine in question -- the initrd was sometimes located
where silo couldn't find it.) I need to test this.
Blars Blarson			blarson@blars.org
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