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Bug#255263: bug report

"lspci" is unavailable. I looked for it on the ramdisk and on the cdrom (which was mounted already) but I guess it gets installed later... after the hard drive is detected.

I did write down the message that came up during hardware detection though. It said: "Unable to load some modules." Missing modules are "ide-scsi (Linux IDE-SCSI emulation layer)", ide-mod, ide-probe-mod, ide-detect and ide-floppy. Perhaps it's detecting my PCI SATA card as a SCSI card? My BIOS detects the card and the attached HD at bootup but perhaps, since it's old, it's telling d-i that it's a SCSI card/drive? Maybe that's reaching... just a thought though. Hope that helps.

Is there another way to execute lspci? Can you install it off the CDROM to the ramdisk?


At 09:40 PM 6/22/2004, Christian Perrier wrote:
Quoting Olek Wojnar (owojnar@bigfoot.com):

> Here's a link to the Promise driver source I mentioned earlier:
> http://www.promise.com/support/download/download2_eng.asp?productId=98&category=driver&os=4
> Not sure if that will help.
> Any other ideas?

Can you send the output of lspci -v ?

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