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Re: Pointing users to d-i images on the main page

Christian Perrier wrote:
> The daily builds section links to a dedicated page
> (www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/builds) explaining the
> differences between sid_d-i and sarge_d-i
> Strangely, this page mentions sid_d-i as the "daily builds" while the
> main installer page link in "Daily builds" points to
> http://cdimage.debian.org/pub/cdimage-testing/daily/ which has
> *sarge_d-i* builds

Maybe you have an old version of the builds page cached, or an out of
date mirror -- the current version does not have this problem.

> I suggest that
> -we keep only beta4 on the main d-i page as "official release". Put
>  here a link to the "builds" page. 
> -we remove the tc1 pointer from the main page
> -we keep a "daily build" paragraph pointing to a new page called the
> "builds" page
> This "builds" page should be basically the current
> http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/builds where we inject Vince
> McIntyre proposal.

> The most critical point, imho, is currently the lack of visibility of
> sid_d-i and a too much visible sarge_d-i release...

The page is trying to cater to three distinct types of users:

1. Wants to install sarge, just wants it to work. These users need a
   link to a well-working release, like beta4.
2. Wants to install sarge, can tolerate some problems, wants to help
   d-i, doesn't have a lot of time to decide what to use. These users
   should download either the sid_d-i or sarge_d-i, and it's better if
   we make the decision for them which they should download. The daily
   builds (or sometimes a pointer to a test candidate) are best for these
3. Wants to test a specific version of d-i for a specific purpose.
   These users need a detailed explaination of what versions are
   available so they can decide which to use.

It's important that the links for user type #1 are near the top of the
page, and are what someone will use if they don't read any descriptions
at all, and just look for a download link. Type 1 users are in a hurry;
we've all been there. Type 2 users need some kind of clear link they can
follow to get to images, but it can be a bit less prominent. Type 3 can
be expected to follow any non-obscure set of documentation.

A problem with the current page is that type 1 users currently get tc1
as the first prominent download link. Luckily it works pretty well (as
well as beta4), and whether we should direct them back to beta4 is, I
think, an open question. But we should certianly only have one prominent
set of links, not two.

I have kept the daily links pointed at sarge_d-i because continuing
testing of those images is important as we move packages into sarge, to
make sure things keep working. We could use more sid_d-i testing, but
I don't know a way to direct some type 2 users to test sid_d-i without
directing all of them there. So type 3 users are currently picking up
the slack on sid_d-i testing.

Vince's proposal is probably a good way to explain some things to type 3
users; I know they've found the different image types somewhat
confusing. I'd be happy with a patch to add any better explanations to
the builds page, perhaps based on Vince's text.

Currently the front page just describes some different types of images;
maybe we should make the three types of users more explicit there.
Something like:

Installing sarge with the Debian-Installer

If you just need an installation that works, we recommend you use
beta4 of the installer. The following images are available for beta4:

   <links to beta4>

If you'd like something newer to help us test a future release of the
installer, or if beta4 does not support your hardware, try one of these

   <links to sarge_d-i (or tc2 later on)>

For a complete description of available image types, see
<link>this page</link>.

see shy jo

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