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Re: Resignation

I am really saddened to see that this happened.  

I have been an active Debian user for several years. Although I have not
contributed directly to Debian, but I admire Debian's ideal, and have
been pushing Debian relentlessly in my own company, my custormers, and
friends.  I also made a Chinese version of Morphix available at

Taiwan issue is a sensitive one. It may be laughable to a westerner who
doesn't, and doesn't want to try, to know some resent history ( last 150
years) of China, and it may be even resentful for someone to whom the
greater China present a threat to whatever he believes in.  But to 
Chinese this is a very emotional issue. One example is that Panasonic
had a model of  cell phones on the market in mainland China with a
language selection which appeared to recognize Taiwan as a independent
country. The cell phone passed the government inspection and was in the
market. One costomer noticed this little menu and was so upset, she
started to complain to the consumer association, all the web sites,
etc.  In a month the model was recalled, and Panasonic cell phone
business in China has been struggling ever since in China, which has
most cell phone sets in the world.

I hope debian can keep its political neutrual policy, and find an
agreeable political-neutrual solutions.  We have TW_big5, TW_utf8,
HK_big5-hkscs etc.... already, pretty sure we can find common theme in
other things too.


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