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Re: Summary do D-I IRC meeting 20040619

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Yes. It seems that I misunderstood completely the build
> system..:-). Thanks for not being too sarcastic with my evident
> stupidity, Colin..:-)
> Indeed, after Colin pointed me to installer/build/daily-build, I just
> launched that script and went gardening for a few hours.
> Coming back later, I just found newly built images uploaded in
> ~bubulle/public_html/d-i on gluck.....
> That script is crazy magic.....
> Manty will setup today's build to use these image, so we should have
> 20040620 with more up-to-date things than the current 20040616
> Until Joey comes back, the cd-image builds will point to my home on
> gluck, which means I will try to launch daily builds on my laptop. I
> just need guessing if it will work from crontab (I guess the upload
> will not).

FWIW, I'm back and my daily builds will be re-available in 15 minutes. 

I'll follow up on the rest of the stuff later.

see shy jo

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