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Bug#255597: Installation Target on Second IDE Drive

reassign 255597 partman
retitle 255597 Identical disk layout results in identical id's
severity important

This install had two identical disks with identical partitioning. The partman 
log included by the user shows that corresponding partitions on both disks 
get assigned identical ID's (compare lines starting 50 and 87 in partman-4).

This results in changes by the user to disk 2 being applied by partman to disk 
1, which is clearly not desirable.

Although this case is fairly exceptional, I have assigned severity important 
until it has been determined whether having e.g. only the first partitions 
the same size on two disks would also result in generating the same ID.
Also, this could be a problem for identically partitioned disks used in a 
This problem could cause data loss for an inattentive user!

Solution could be to use target and partition numbers in calculating the 
partition ID's.

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