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Bug#255388: debian installer not install LG HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4480B

I tried to install with the following image:
Also tried to install with the image generated with the following jigdo 
updated at 20Jun2004:
Machine: Athlon 2.4+ , 512MB ram, asus motherboard.
The results were almost the same of the unofficial cd image.
Tried the expert mode.
But different from the unofficial image, the hw detection did not listed the 
complete name of rw/dvd, not even incomplete at the detected devices.

At one of the consoles, you could read 
missing modules:
ide-scsi (Linux IDE-SCI emulation layer)
ide-mod (linux IDE driver)
ide-probe-mod (linux IDE probe driver)
ide-generic (linux IDE support)
ide-floppy (linux IDE floppy)

I generated the net-drivers and cd-drivers floppies, but they were not 
If the missing modules refer to the cdrw/dvd not listed on hw detected menu, I 
guess that it was silently detected, but not sure.

I hope this could help. I am newbie to debian and trying to install alongside 
with a running www.conectiva.com.br v9.0, over a previous fat partition. 
Andre Felipe Machado

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