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Re: Call For Help: Accessibility support in d-i

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> writes:

>> Unfortunately, something seems to have broken recently, and
>> the currently generated access floppy images do not boot anymore.
>> The boot floppy starts to load normally, and after some time, SYSLINUX reports:
>> "Boot failed: Please change disks and press any key to continue."
> After some investigations today, it seems the problem may be narrowed
> down to the kernel-image-2.4.xx-speakup udeb. 
> I tried to build a regular floppy boot image (make build_floppy_boot)
> with this kernel instead of the default flavour by modifying the
> needed cfg file. This boot image experimented the reported problem
> which rebuilding it again with the usual kernel worked well.

The kernel-image-2.4.24-speakup works perfectly fine when used on an already
installed system (as a .deb).
Additionally, if I just take the "linux" image off the speakup
enabled boot disk and put it into lilo.conf, LILO is
perfectly happy to boot this kernel.
So, are there any known syslinux quirks?
AFAICS, this bug only appears if the kernel is booted using
SYSLINUX (see #242547).

> So the investigation should probably focus on this special kernel
> flavour.

In combination with SYSLINUX.
I really wonder why lilo boots that image fine.
Anyone into comparative bootmanagerology?

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