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Re: Summary do D-I IRC meeting 20040619

At 20 Jun 04 12:45:27 GMT,
Christian Perrier wrote:
> Japanese with 2.6.6 needs close tests because of broken 2.6.6. During
> the meeting, Korean also confirmed as broken in these circumstances.
>   -->Kenshi Muto follows 2.6+JP in sid_d-i
> Pushing the unstable 2.6.6 kernel into testing is probably needed.

Nope. 2.6.6-1 and 2.6.6-2 in unstable is still broken.
Debian kernel team answers this bug will be fixed in 2.6.7, not in

In my opinion, it is better to remove current 2.6.6 from testing, and
use 2.6.5 till 2.6.7 appear (soon?) and go into testing.

D-I team couldn't do anything about this.

Kenshi Muto

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