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Bug#255169: installation report: SGI Indigo2 (r4k IP22)

Julien BLACHE wrote:
> >> Disappointment : no XFS support :(((((
> >> 
> >> The bootloader installation went fine, but, unfortunately, it doesn't
> >> handle a separate /boot partition, so the machine couldn't reboot.
> >
> > Well, the firmware has no problem with booting from arbitrary
> > partitions, so a separate /boot makes little sense, and arcboot
> > doesn't support it. This should be documented better.
> d-i should either workaround the "problem" (as I did), or it shouldn't
> offer to create a /boot partition that will lead to a non-booting
> machine :)

Rather the latter, I think.

> /boot makes sense in my case, because I intend to use XFS on this
> machine, and I think arcboot doesn't handle XFS.

If XFS is in a module, you still need a non-XFS /.

> Moreover I plan to do
> some tests on the machine, and should it crash, I'd like to keep /boot
> safe, so it can still boot and recover.

Well, I'd suggest a backup + netboot in that case. :-)


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