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Bug#255169: installation report: SGI Indigo2 (r4k IP22)

Thiemo Seufer <ica2_ts@csv.ica.uni-stuttgart.de> wrote:

>> I didn't remember that I had to create the partitions from last to
>> first, I'm pretty sure I didn't do that when I installed woody on the
>> machine a year ago. Anyway, I eventually figured out and partitioned
>> the disk. Had to create an SGI disklabel on it, as it comes from a PC.
> What do you mean with "last to first"?

I had to create sda4 first, then sda3, etc.

I started by creating sda1, starting at cylinder 11 and up to cylinder
90, but afterwards fdisk insisted on sda2 being created in the range
0-10 (ie before sda1).

But it's been over a year since I last used fdisk on this machine, so
maybe it isn't something new and I just don't remember. Anyway, it
seems weird.

>> Disappointment : no XFS support :(((((
>> The bootloader installation went fine, but, unfortunately, it doesn't
>> handle a separate /boot partition, so the machine couldn't reboot.
> Well, the firmware has no problem with booting from arbitrary
> partitions, so a separate /boot makes little sense, and arcboot
> doesn't support it. This should be documented better.

d-i should either workaround the "problem" (as I did), or it shouldn't
offer to create a /boot partition that will lead to a non-booting
machine :)

/boot makes sense in my case, because I intend to use XFS on this
machine, and I think arcboot doesn't handle XFS. Moreover I plan to do
some tests on the machine, and should it crash, I'd like to keep /boot
safe, so it can still boot and recover.


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