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Re: Ideas thrown around for Fully Automated Installations

> This looks suspiciously like a Kickstart file ;)

Well, maybe. The idea was having something even if it's a bit gory...

> > .../...
> > 
> > -feed debconf with these values (small script to be written)
> > -run the installer
> Partitioning will be difficult. I think we'd need our own special format
> for it. Also, maybe net configuration..

With this scheme, indeed it's just a matter of putting the correct
debconf values after all. So, for net configuration, nearly everything
should be possible.

For partitioning, maybe begins by being not too much ambitious and try
to support only very simple systems (autopartitioning with the simple
recipes we have, for instance)

Anyway, these are just ideas thrown around. I'm unable to do this
myself...and, anyway, we should focus more on the next release..:-)

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