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Re: Bug#255128: cdrom-detect: Bad handling of mount error

On Sat, Jun 19, 2004 at 10:15:14AM +1000, Vincent McIntyre wrote:
> thanks for that careful analysis, Osamu.
> I have very similar hardware and it appears the problem may also be
> avoidable by configuring the kernel to not use DMA on cdroms.

Yes.  If I execute mount command without redirecting stderror, I got DMA
blurbs on screen. I think under this condition, FS was mounted.  Funny
thing was my interactive session returned $? being 0.  

"mount" seems (no proof but I just feel it) to behave differently on
error handling (how hard ut tries to mount in case of trouble) depending
on its I/O mode.

> See bugs #250323 (and referenced therein #222939.b)

Yep.  This angle shall be the root cause fix.  Attacking this issue
directly shall be the AR for the post Sarge :)

> Your solution is probably the least intrusive however.
> If this patch is applied I would be happy to try it out as well.
> There seems to be another bug that is triggered by this one relating
> to the setting of the $SUITE variable (see 250323). Do you see any
> way to improve the handling of that?

Yes. I did experience this with snapshot of 20040615 but 20040616 seems
to be OK as I state in my Bug#254764.

> It seems to me it would be a good idea to add an error message to
> /usr/lib/debootstrap/functions, to handle the case that $SUITE is
> not set.

Yes, I thought so too on 20040615 image.


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