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Bug#255134: debian-installer: cardmgr causes system lockup

severity 255134 normal

This looks like a known problem with some laptop models.

Please try starting the installer with 'linux DEBCONF-PRIORITY=medium' or 
You will be asked during hardware detection whether you want to start PCMCIA 
Please test first if answering 'No' solves your problem.

If you answer 'Yes' to the question 'start PCMCIA services', you will be given 
the opportunity to exclude address ranges. What range to exclude is model 
specific; see [1] and [2] for reference.
You should be able to solve the problem in this way.

[1] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/en.i386/ch05s01.html#id2513912
[2] http://pcmcia-cs.sourceforge.net/ftp/doc/PCMCIA-HOWTO-2.html#ss2.5

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