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Support for bi-directional languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi...) now completely included in Debian Installer

Subject says it all.

Steve already had it in a test environment.

Today, I have built a mini.iso netboot image by using ONLY already
uploaded stuff (except languagechooser I compiled from trunk so that
Farsi appears on it) and BIDI seems to work on it.

So, the hard work Steve Langasek (and before him Shlomi Loubaton) did
during and after Debconf has finally reached its goal.

We are now the very first Linux distribution I'm aware of which can
use an installer translated to right-to-left languages in text mode.

Unfortunately, yesterday the daily images build failed....so testing a
sid_d-i image with BIDI is probably delayed until this evening.

This image should be available on 6/19 20:30UTC at:


/me dances around the office

http://www.perrier.eu.org/debian/debian-installer/ for screenshots and
a i386-netboot.iso you can boot on any i386 machine.

Champagne (at least for those of us who can...others, please insert
your favourite beverage here) !

I'll make an official announcement on -devel and -i18n as soon as we
confirm that the sid_d-i images are OK with BiDi and as soon as you
confirm me that the screenshot indeed show readable Arabic and Hebrew
(Arash, I didn't make Farsi screenshots yet as the work you already
translated hasn't currently been put into uploaded udebs)

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