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Re: Debian Installer Manual - Autobuild enabled

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On Tuesday 15 June 2004 05:34, Matt Kraai wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 14, 2004 at 12:59:24AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> I'd like to publish the manual on the official web site.  It is
> currently building, but not generating an index page that lists
> the different language/architecture combinations.  Could your
> script be used to help with this?

Hello Matt,

I guess so, I have made a tar of my scripts available at:

I run the build-manual script from cron in a chroot. This does all the hard 
work and calls translation-stats and create-index. After build-manual has 
finished, I run mail-logs outside the chroot (otherwise the mails would end 
up in a black hole ;-).

The script you want is create-index. You'll have to remove the translation 
statistics stuff.
The page is build using a fixed header and footer with the middle part 
containing the links added by the script.
The script depends on 'maillist' and 'archlist'. I think it would be best to 
add these to doc/manual/build/ in SVN so you can use them and also modify the 
existing build.sh to use these files.
Let me know if you think that's a good idea and I'll do that.

Some thoughts/comments/questions
The manual currently is far from ready. Still a lot of stuff is more Woody 
oriented than applicable to Sarge. Only 4 translations are currently complete 
(well, almost).
Is it really advisable to publish this on the main website yet? Maybe a 
general page with a lot of disclaimers and a link to the project page is more 
logical ATM.

I don't think it's useful to publish the same stuff in two places:
- - will you also build from SVN?
- - how often?
- - all languages/architectures or only those that are more or less complete?
Maybe an option would be for me to do daily builds for all languages - maybe 
all archs for 'en' and only i386 for translations - (for the benefit of 
writers and translators). Other archs could be temporarily added on request 
if someone plans to do some heavy arch specific editing.

Once the manual gets more up to date, we could think of creating a development 
version and periodically tag a version as 'stable' (with up to date 
translations) for publication on the main site.

As the index page for the main website will be auto generated, how will you 
support translations of that page?

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