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Bug#254452: Languages switches to english after rebooting during base-config

Quoting Thorsten Schaefer (thschaefer@gmx.de):
> Package: base-config
> Version: 2.23
> Debian version: Debian Installer (testcandidate 1, also various daily builds
> of beta 4 versions)

Hmm. I don't really see what's meant by "various daily builds of
beta4". Beta4 is now over and not rebuilt.

Still we have these imprecisions around all build versions.

> As requested in bug #248627 I created a bug report for this issue:
> When I select german during the installation process and reboot during the
> base-config and then complete the configuration after the machine is up
> again, the rest of the base-config runs in english. This happens with all
> the versions described above.

Yesterday, I made very extensive tests of sid_d-i 20040612 with
various combinations of languages.

What you described only happened to me with Japanese+Japan choice and
2.6 kernel. The 2nd stage was in English. I think this is currently a
workaround for a kernel problem.

However, this was never noticed for 2.4 installs. Tested with ja+JP,
fr+FR on my system.

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