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Choose-mirror : success with the sort-countries patch

The sort-countries scripts, currently in choose-mirror tree, but
unused, was originally submitted bu Denis Barbier.

It is intended to alphabetically sort the list of countries in all
languages, by using the Indices field supported by cdebconf.

I had it tested successfully on a French install and, thus, I guess it
works OK for other languages (needs tests for non Latin-script
languages which I'm unable to check...:-))).

I intend to uncomment to call for this script in debian/rules (and
move this call after dh_installdebconf, btw).

This kind of script could be re-used elsewhere in d-i, when we need to
have sorted lists in all languages. The first target is certainly
kbd-config where the current list of keyboard choices is *very*
confusing, even in English because it is sorted according to the name
of the kmap files....

About choose-mirror, I also have some waiting-to-be-tested work on
removal of country names "translation" and use iso-codes for getting
the country names and translations from the mirror countries codes.


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