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Re: italian translation installation manual update

Lì sabato, 2004/06/05 alle 22:31, +0200, Frans Pop ha scritto:
> Note: this does not work on Woody!


> Then, if you have a private server available, you can publish the html-files 
> there.
> For Dutch, I upload the translations to SVN _after_ they have been reviewed 
> and _after_ I have tested that the translation builds correctly.
> See http://lists.debian.org/debian-l10n-dutch/2004/04/msg00022.html for an 
> example how we do the reviews (the bits you can't read are Dutch ;-)
> Note that I leave the original English texts as comments (they are deleted 
> before I commit to SVN).

Thanks for all your help. The idea of leaving english text as a comment
is really good, I will do this way as well.

> I just tried building your translation, but get some errors. You'll need to 
> fix that first.

I will do my tests and corections. Thanks again.


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