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Bug#252426: ppc cd images missing oldworld mac boot floppies

On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 20:11, Peter Lieverdink wrote:

> > That's because quik and miboot are deemed by the Debains to be
> > politically incorrect.
> Hmm, but quick *is* installed by the installer, out of the main
> archives.

I guess I could be wrong about quik (or maybe the political correctness
police haven't gotten that far yet...)  But in any case, it's miboot
that the boot floppy needs, and that's definitely unfree.

So no boot floppies for us OldWorld Mac users in the sarge timeframe. 
Oh well, at least there's a good workaround!

Actually, though there's a nice feeling when you can say that your Mac
is completely Apple-free, I've always felt that as a storage medium
floppy disks were an unreliable/trouble-prone pain in the behind whose
time has thankfully passed.  Personally, I'd much rather dedicate a
couple of hundred MB of my US$150, 160 GB hard disk to MacOS and have a
reliable boot medium.  (For what it's worth, 200 MB is to 160 GB  as "x"
is to US$150, so x is about 19 cents -- cheaper than a couple of

Keep on keepin' on!


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