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Bug#252426: ppc cd images missing oldworld mac boot floppies

On Fri, 2004-06-04 at 05:05, Rick_Thomas wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-06-03 at 05:57, Peter Lieverdink wrote:
> > Package: debian-installer
> > Severity: important
> > 
> > The beta4 and tc1 ppc iso images don't have a bootable floppy image for
> > oldworld PPC macs that cannot boot off the CD.
> > 
> > Additionally, the installer is unable to actually make these Macs
> > bootable from HD. I've had no luck with manually configuring 'QUIK'
> > sofar and partman doesn't seem to create a yaboot bootstrap partition.
> > 
> > -- System Information:
> > Debian Release: testing/unstable
> >   APT prefers unstable
> >   APT policy: (500, 'unstable'), (1, 'experimental')
> > Architecture: powerpc
> > Kernel: Linux 2.4.25-powerpc
> > Locale: LANG=en_AU.UTF-8, LC_CTYPE=en_AU.UTF-8
> > 
> That's because quik and miboot are deemed by the Debains to be
> politically incorrect.

Hmm, but quick *is* installed by the installer, out of the main

> These two packages contain (among other things) a small block of binary
> code that is taken directly from the copyrighted Apple boot floppies,
> and is therefor "not free".  This first-level bootloader code (or an
> equivalent substitute) is necessary to get the oldworld bootstrap
> process off the ground.
> I understand that a clean-room re-implementation is underway, but my
> guess (I'm not involved in any way with the effort, so this is just my
> personal guess) is that it probably won't make it in time for the sarge
> debian-installer release.

That'd be a new yaboot? I've heard a few rumours about it being able to
boot oldworld as well as newworld Macs...

> One workaround is to download BootX (use google) and boot that way. 
> There are other ways, but that's the simplest (IMHO).

Aha! I've got a few other macs that do indeed wotk find using BootX, I
just thought (from looking at various mail list archives) that QUIK was
able to boot Linux without needing a minimal MacOS install on disk as
well. I'll re-wipe, repartition, reinstall MacOS+Deb and keep BootX

I wonder if it would be useful for the installer to display a big, red,
blinking screen on oldworld Macs, informing the user that a minimal
MacOS install would be a Real Good Idea[tm].

> I've done it.  It works a treat.  Email me if you need help.
> Enjoy!
> Rick

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