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Bug#252237: Netinst floppy image contains no ide-drivers

Am Mittwoch, 2. Juni 2004 15:17 schrieben Sie:
> "Jan Henrik Helmuth Lühr" wrote:
> > the current
> Please define "current".

Guess I declared version: Beta 4, didn't I?

> > netinst floppy images doesn't contain IDE modules, thus I'm not
> > able to install sarge on any IDE / SCSI System, if I don't install the
> > cd-modules disc. Imho that's a little bit odd.
> > Propsals:
> > -Lable the cd-inst disc als ide-driver-disc and don't use cd-install by
> > default
> > or
> > - Put the IDE-Driver on the netinst disc as well.
> Why do you need IDE modules to get on the network and download the rest
> of the installer? The floppy installation method works in only one of
> two ways:
> 1. Boot the floppy. Load the CD drivers floppy. Load the rest of d-i
>    from CD. Complete the install.

> 2. Boot the floppy. Load the net drivers floppy. Load the rest of d-i
>    (including all other kernel modules) from the network. Complete the
>    install.

Well, the pont is, in contrast to it's predecessors, this haven't worked. The 
disc was simply not found, when d-i wanted to create a partition table - odd 

Keep smiling

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