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Bug#252237: Netinst floppy image contains no ide-drivers

"Jan Henrik Helmuth Lühr" wrote:
> the current

Please define "current".

> netinst floppy images doesn't contain IDE modules, thus I'm not
> able to install sarge on any IDE / SCSI System, if I don't install the
> cd-modules disc. Imho that's a little bit odd.
> Propsals: 
> -Lable the cd-inst disc als ide-driver-disc and don't use cd-install by
> default
> or
> - Put the IDE-Driver on the netinst disc as well.

Why do you need IDE modules to get on the network and download the rest
of the installer? The floppy installation method works in only one of
two ways:

1. Boot the floppy. Load the CD drivers floppy. Load the rest of d-i
   from CD. Complete the install.
2. Boot the floppy. Load the net drivers floppy. Load the rest of d-i
   (including all other kernel modules) from the network. Complete the

see shy jo

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