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Re: RAID1 install fails

Unfortunately, I cannot yet change the subject line :-(

On Sun, May 30, 2004 at 11:58:53AM -0300, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> When you create a RAID device, you'll see something like this:
>       RAID1 #1 - 8 GB
>             #1 primary    8 GB

Yes, I got that:

RAID1 device #0 - 0.1 GB Software RAID device
      #1   8.4 GB

The problem was: I thought I can create multiple partitions
on top of one RAID1 device - instead I have to create
multiple - more or less identically sized - partitions in my
two disks and than have to create multiple RAID1 devices.
So I just did my partitioning on top of that device :-( If I
understand this now, I can autopartition my two hard-disks,
but now I have to arrange the six RAID capable partitions
manually.  Not nice, but OK, if you don't have to do this
too often.

> What you did was to choose the first line, then you got a warning and
> continued.  This does not work with RAID or LVM - you _have_ to choose

I don't think, that I got a warning that would help me to
understand the problem at this point.

> Ideally, partman should only show one line for RAID and LVM, but this
> requires many changes.  Maybe it's possible to print an error instead
> of a warning when you choose the first line; or better yet, partman
> should use the 2nd line even when you choose the 1st line.  I'll check
> later how hard this would be to do.

That sounds good.  Other note: I never was able to really
get back after that wrong RAID creation step, I had to
reboot always.

Now, with the multiple RAID1 devices, I could install the
base system partly, but dpkg couldn't install kernel 2.4 nor

/usr/sbin/mkinitrd: RAID support requires raidtools2
Failed to create initrd image.

Is the netinst CD missing a udeb?

Cheers, WB

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