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Re: hptraid and the others...

* Hajdu András <hajdua@fmt.vein.hu> [2004-05-24 14:37]:
> remaining of the disk (cc 20 GB) is the place for debian. When i started 
> the normal (linux) install the autodetect didn't load the hpt drivers (i 
> could do it by hand from a command line). After then i tried to set up 

Can you paste the output of
  lspci -n

> the partitions for the system boot, usr, var etc. i could choose my 
> ready partitions only swap or sw raid or lvm partitions (!!!) The manual 

This is fixed in newer images at

> My question is: Can I use this installer to make a sarge system on
> hptraid0?

Can you manually load the hptraid module and see if that works?
Martin Michlmayr

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