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Bug#250009: Is there RARP support

package: debian-installer-manual
severity: minor

The manual of debian-installer tells, there is RARP support for
many architectures, however I doubt it[1]. This bugreport
and his siblings should help to find if it really is.
(this bugreport, BR, will be cloned for the various archs)

This BR could look like a hardware specific question,
or a question about the various BOOT ROMS.
The Debian related question is about the kernels that are
provided, they should have RARP support.
Computers that do a netboot will ask twice for an IP-address,
once from the BOOT ROM and once by the kernel.
(first one loads the kernel, the second gets the next part
(RAM disk or NFS root))

So the question is, Does the kernel for the arch has RARP support?

If even the sparc kernels[2] don't have RARP, I would also like to known.

BTW: I known that I'm enforcing dropping the support for RARP.
     But hey, there are alternatives (BOOTP & DHCP)
              and it means a smaller kernel.

Geert Stappers

[1] RARP is deprecated by BOOTP ( and DHCP )
[2] (old) Sun hardware does use RARP to get a IP address

stappers says hi to ths  :-)

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