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Bug#241177: Corrected patch for arcboot-installer nag screen

Nicholas Breen wrote:
> > So, is there any way this could be done automatically? ie. can we
> > get/set PROM variables ourselves from within Linux? If not, I'll
> > add this patch.
> Unfortunately, there's no other way I'm aware of - the kernel has calls
> to edit the PROM variables, but it seems that no one's written a tool
> (or /proc interface, or whatever) that actually uses them.  Debconf
> notes still appear to be the best available solution....

Argh. :-)
Thanks for your effort, but I have done the very same work just ATM.
Btw, your patch still uses $defaultbootdev instead of $bootdev, and
i also use a different mapping method for devfs device names now, so
I prefer to apply mine.

Please test it once it is committed.


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