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Re: Sarge install -- complete failure (long)

> The GRUB installation is where I started to get concerned again. First 
> it failed to detect Windows and said something along the lines of "It 
> appears Debian is the only OS on the system. In that case, you should 
> install GRUB on the Master Boot Record." 

  Please, do not forget sarge is still in testing !!
  I installed Sarge yesterday. Not with the beta netinstal, but with the
  official jigdo files for the testing distrib
  I had the same problem. GRUB did not detect my winXP and I could not access
  windows after reboot.
  The second time I installed Sarge, I saw I could bypass GRUB and install lilo.
  I was releaved because I am more at ease with lilo.
  But lilo too did not detect my winxp.
  I had to manually edit the lilo.conf to get it right.

  I will start again this evening and send a report to debian.
  Because a lot of things were wrong.
  But, as I said, sarge is still in testing !


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