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Bug#249608: prebaseconfig: Chgrp cdrom for IDE CD device

Package: prebaseconfig
Severity: wishlist
Version: 0.66cvs
Tags: patch

I found IDE CD device was set as group 'disk' still, not
'cdrom' even if I installed from IDE CD.
Of couse users can mount because 'user' option is defined at
/etc/fstab, but it is more friendly to set group 'cdrom' on this
device file for CD writer software.

I created a patch. How about this?

--- prebaseconfig.d/90prepare-base-config       (revision 15611)
+++ prebaseconfig.d/90prepare-base-config       (working copy)
@@ -62,3 +62,4 @@
 if [ -n "$CDDEV" ] && [ -e "/target/$CDDEV" ]; then
        ln -s "$CDDEV" /target/dev/cdrom
+[ -n "$CDDEV" ] && chown 0:24 /target$CDDEV

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