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Re: Cannot partition scsi drive

* Jim Seymour <bluejay@speedfactory.net> [2004-05-16 14:15]:
> 	I am at an impasse with the current debian installer using 
> diskettes. All seems to go fine until I am asked about partitioning 
> the drive. If I choose manual partitioning the screen flashes 
> something to quick for me to read and comes back saying no partition 
> has been assigned to root. If I choose automatic partitioning the same 
> thing happens. It does not ever give me a chance to select a drive to 
> partition.

Can you open a shell (on the 2nd virtual console) and see if your disk
has been found.  If so, can you send /var/log/partman

Normally, after selecting manual partitioning, you should be put into
a menu where you can make changes.

Martin Michlmayr

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