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Bug#249286: Sony PCG-FX505/WiFi install

> > the hard disk had two ntfs paritions, of wich i wanted to delete one
> > and keep the other to copy the data later. this was not able with
> > partman, since it only allows me to delete the howl disk, but not a
> > single partition.
> If you go to "manual partition the disk", you should see the different
> partitions.  You can then go to a partition, press enter, and you'll
> see a menu asking you what to do.  One of the points at the bottom is
> "delete partition".  Can you try if that works?
there was no option delete partition. only LVM and SWAP.

> If you open a shell and run cfdisk, it should work, but there's
> currently no menu for this.  Someone else requested this recently,
> though.
cfdisk was not installed. this might be a bug in the nightly build?

> > after rebooting the wlan interface moved from eth1 to eth2 since the
> > firewire interface was found and used as eth1.
> Are you sure firewire took up eth1 and not your Realtek Ethernet chip?
> (or is that eth0, I guess?).  Why would firewire appear as an eth
> device?  Is that some kind of firewire ethernet?
there is eth1394 which is ethernet over firewire.

eth0 Realtek
eth1 eth1394
eth2 orinoco_cs


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