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Bug#248905: installation report

* Craig Morris <craig@redtree.com> [2004-05-13 13:29]:
> On the first I took the preselected Don't touch keymap option and this 
> resulted in apt installation of modules failing.  Yes the doc say you 
> probably should select a keymap, but leaves the impression that doing 
> nothing would be fine if you want to stick with what you designated 
> earlier.  In any event making this mistake would be a show stopper for a 
> newbie.

Can you show what error messages you got exactly and which packages
failed to install?  Selecting "Don't touch keymap" should certainly

> To my surprise on the second install the DHCP scan appeared to work and 
> I was not asked for additional information.  However when it came time 

Do you have any idea why DHCP worked when you don't have an DHCP
server running on the network?  Or did it only appear to work?  Did
you check with ifconfig whether you had a (wrong) address or none at
all?  Can you reproduce this problem?
Martin Michlmayr

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