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Bug#248787: installation-reports

> * jeff@896tech.com <jeff@896tech.com> [2004-05-12 21:00]:
>> I have 2 network cards and nether can get an address using the default
>> 2.4kernel, though gnoppix 0.6.0 RC1 seems to have no problem, which uses
>> the 2.4.24 kernel.
> Strange.  Your card uses the natsemi module, right?  Can you open a
> shell on the 2nd virtual terminal (alt-F2), and a) check if this
> module has been loaded (look at /proc/modules) and b) and if not load
> it by hand (modprobe natsemi).  Does that help?

Well do once I get home tonight.

>> Partitioning:
>> I really want to try out the LVM modules, but the 2.6 kernel doesn't
>> seem to support it.  I got a message that claimed "LVM modal is not
>> I looked in the /lib/modules and didn't see it in there.  I'm guessing
>> that
> Strange, this should definitely work.  Okay, I see what might possibly
> be wrong.  Let me CC the LVM maintainer Andres Salomon.  Andres,
> lvmcfg tests whether LVM is available by checking if /proc/lvm exists.
> I guess this might not exist on 2.6.  How can I find out if LVM is
> available?
>> Create file systems:    [E]
> What failed here?  Did you not continue without LVM?

My mistake, it should have been one higher in partitioning, not creating
fule system.  I sort of gave up once with troubleshooting the NICs and


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