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Bug#248627: Debian Installer version 4 - Installation report

* Thorsten Schaefer <thschaefer@gmx.de> [2004-05-12 15:50]:
> After choosing de_DE as language in the beginning of the installation

Dennis, can you look at the issues with the German translation raised
in this report?

> Ok now back to the technical description. The PCMCIA card
> recognitation seems to have a problem in the beta 4 of the
> installer. If a network card is inserted when booting from the
> installer CD, the pcmcia network card will not be detected and can
> also not even be added correctly afterwards.  I found out that the
> pcmcia network cards can however be used correctly if they are
> plugged in after the automatic recognition has run. If the card is
> plugged in then and the right modul selected it works. I'm not sure
> if this issue exists for all pcmcia network cards, but I could
> verify for a 3Com 3C589D (3c589_cs) and also for a Xircom REM56G-100
> (xirc2ps_cs).

I think this was fixed:
    - Restart cardmgr if it's already running to make sure it uses any modules
      that were not available before. Closes: #234564
But I'm not 100% sure if your issue is the same.

> Install Boat Loader:
> The boot loader GRUB installs but doesn't recognize the NTFS partition
> (Windows 2000) that exists as first partition on the harddisk (/dev/hda1).

Yeah, due to a bug the ntfs module is not loaded.  This has been
Martin Michlmayr

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