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Bug#248437: installation-reports

I didn't know if it was a good idea to keep copying the list ...

I spent some time playing with a recent daily image (05/09/2004) and
it got farther.  There still exists a problem with how the installer
handles the Apple_Bootstrap partition.  It does reorder it to #1 when you
create it manually, but the yaboot configuration refuses to use it.  I
even dropped to shell and created it with mac-fdisk (which we've always
had to do) to be certain, and the installer still claimed that there
wasn't a valid bootstrap partition.  It would also (obviously) be nice to
have the auto-partitioner setup the bootstrap for you, but failing that,
maybe a warning at the beginning of the process that newworld macs need
it?  When I told it to proceed when it couldn't find the bootstrap it did
start installing normally, so that LVM problem did go away.  I could
probably get it installed now, but I'm not in a hurry, so I'll keep
banging on the installer :)

-- Randall

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