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Bug#248437: installation-reports

> * Randall <rk@entropy.muc.muohio.edu> [2004-05-11 03:32]:
> > I was forced to attempt to configure LVM (even when I dropped to
> > manual/ expert configuration), but it said no partitions could be
> > found
> What do you mean you were forced to configure LVM?  The "configure
> LVM" menu item is at the bottom while the "Finish" item is at the top
> (which is very unintuitive because "finish" is normally at the
> bottom).  Did you perhaps not see the "Finish" and didn't realize
> there were alternatives to the LVM menu?

Perhaps I would have noticed more if I hadn't tried the install at 3AM :)
It did create the bootstrap partition, but 2GB (vs. the required 800k) is
definitely overkill, and it has to be reordered (not physically) to be the
first partition.

What I meant about being forced to use lvm was that the installer
proceeded right into the lvm configuration right after partitioning, which
seemed a bit strange at the time, but perhaps wasn't since it had no
useful partitions.

-- Randall

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