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Partitioner in Installer Beta 4 fails


I've encountered the following problem during the installation of Sarge via the new boot loader (Beta-4).

When I try to create Ext-3 partitions, the partitioner fails with the following message:
[The Ext3 filesystem creation in part #3 on IDE1 master failed.]
When I try to create Ext-2 instead, it seems to succeed, but now it fails when attempting to mount the partitions with the message: [The attempt to mount a filesystem with type Ext2 in IDE master partition #3 at / failed.]

Characteristics of the system:
Type: i386
Chipset: AMD-761 VIA-686B combination  <-- culprit?
Disks: IDE (2x, but using the master for this installation only)
Partitioning: Two NTFS partitions at the beginning of the drive.
The first (bootable) partition does have LILO in it's MBR. (residue of an old Woody installation)

I'am using the expert26 mode, because I'd like to have kernel 2.6.x, and the normal mode hangs on the 'floppy' module.

Anybody familiar with this problem?


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