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Bug#248276: Package: installation-reports

* Guillaume Biton <gbiton@batinix.fr> [2004-05-10 15:49]:
> Sorry but I am in Sid with kernel 2.4.25. And this computer is my 
> professional computer so I will be able to do so only on a week-end.  If 

That's okay.

> it's possible i will reinstall my computer to give you those 
> informations this WE.

There's no need to re-install the whole machine.  Simply install the
2.6.5 kernel package and boot that.  You can then boot 2.4 again.

> >What PCMCIA card and chipset do you have?
> I haven't any PCMCIA card inserted during install.

Can you show me the output of:
  lspci -n

And please attach the file /var/log/dmesg
Martin Michlmayr

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