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Bug#248276: Package: installation-reports

Martin Michlmayr wrote:

* Guillaume Biton <gbiton@batinix.fr> [2004-05-10 10:59]:
With kernel 2.6 it freeze during pcmcia detection.

Does 2.4 work?
Yes without any further problems !

Can you please paste the full kernel output from 2.4
and 2.6 until the point where it freezes.
Also, can you upgrade to the
2.6.5 kernel in testing and see if that has the same problems?
Sorry but I am in Sid with kernel 2.4.25. And this computer is my professional computer so I will be able to do so only on a week-end. If it's possible i will reinstall my computer to give you those informations this WE. For the freeze it's particular, because during the first detection it failed on the pcmcia loading (to my opinion) I have wait for more than 5 min but no response. I don't know which socket modules it tries to load !

What PCMCIA card and chipset do you have?
I haven't any PCMCIA card inserted during install.

for informations, I have tried beta4 installer on some desktop computer with kernel 2.6 without any problems.



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