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Bug#248067: Installation manual says Ctrl-Alt-Del will shut down PPC system

Package: debian-installer
Version: http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/powerpc/ch-post-install.en.html

(There does not appear to be a "testing" (sarge) version of this
 manual -- I don't know why not, since as I understand it the
 installation code is different than in "stable" (woody).)

The installation manual, chapter 9.2, says that you can press
Ctrl-Alt-Del to shut down your system.  This does not work on the
PowerPC Apple PowerBook G4 (and probably not on many other
architectures and implementations).  There does not appear to be a key
combination that causes the Apple PPC Linux system to shut down.  The
power button does not do it (unless you hold it down for 4 seconds, in
which case it crashes down).

(It would be helpful if there was a listing somewhere in the PPC
installation manual of what key combinations ARE available.  I had to
do lots of web searching from another machine to find out that I could
press and hold "Alt/Option", then "Fn", then "F1" thru "F12", to get
different virtual consoles.  (If you press them in another order, it
doesn't work!)

-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing
Architecture: ppc

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