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Bug#247833: kernel-wedge - failes to find module dependencies if modules.dep does not exist

Bastian Blank wrote:
> Package: kernel-wedge
> Version: 1.12
> Severity: grave
> kernel-wedge fails to find module dependencies if modules.dep does not
> exist. It does not fail in this case and produces unusable packages.

It's a documented requirement of kernel-wedge that modules.dep must

  The dependency information from modules.dep is compared with the output of
  the "kernel-wedge module-deps" command, which extracts dependency
  information from package-lists, and formats it in a form used by tsort. If
  any additional modules are needed to meet dependencies of modules in the
  udebs, they will automatically be added. Since that might result in modules
  being copied to multiple udebs, the "kernel-wedge find-dups" command is
  used to scan for duplicates of modules. When you have duplicates, you need
  to find (or make) a package that both packages depend on, and move the
  duplicate modules to it.

  SOURCEDIR can be set to a directory containing a tree of kernel modules and
  kernel image, and it will be used instead of the usual tree. That directory
  will need to have a modules.dep file already generated for this to work
  though -- but the modules.dep can even be copied from another system and
  it'll work. This can be useful if you cannot install the required
  kernel-image package, or are cross-compiling.

This bug is not grave, and it's not really much of a bug at all, except
kernel-wedge should fail loudly if there is no modules.dep.

see shy jo

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