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Re: Resignation

Quoting Denis Barbier (barbier@linuxfr.org):

> This is plain wrong, my opinion is that we do not have to get stuck to

This is not "plain wrong", Denis. This is a proof that we

By the way, this is also a proof that though we disagree we appreciate
each other's work anyway.

> a standard; maintainers are solely responsible to their packages, and
> if some people dislike these choices, they can fork it.

So, if I hear you properly, you suggest that anyone disliking the
current way Debian Installer deals with these issues forks its own
version of d-i?

No irony below this...just trying to be sure I understand your point.

> So in my modified version of countrychooser, I gathered English names
> from ISO 3166, ICU or other sources, and did the same for the French
> translation.

Which I appreciate, as you give people an option to see what are the
possible alternatives.

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