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Re: Resignation

Denis Barbier wrote:

On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 10:29:52PM +0800, Wang WenRui wrote:
Around 08 o'clock on 05 May, Steve Langasek wrote:
On Wed, May 05, 2004 at 01:57:21PM +0200, Hugo Wau wrote:
The name people are asking to have listed in the Debian installer is
Just *some* people do. Some of these people started a large thread in
debian-devel, debian-boot and debian-users here several weeks ago, IIRC.
"Taiwan".  Please explain how this is a politically-charged name.
The 2nd screen of d-i:

	/---------------------[Choose *country*]-----------------\
	| Choose your country:                                   |
	|                                                        |
	|  China                                                 |
	|  Hong Kong                                             |
	|  Taiwan                                                |
	|                                                        |
	|                                                        |

This is incredibly unfair, you are well aware
that this has been partly fixed in beta4, question now looks like

  /-----------------------[Choose country]---------------------\
  | Based on your language, you are probably in one of these   |
  | countries, territories or areas of particular geopolitical |
  | interest.  If you are elsewhere, choose "other".           |
  |                                                            |
  | Choose your country, territory or area:                    |
  |  China                                                     |
  |  Hong Kong                                                 |
  |  Taiwan                                                    |
  |  other                                                     |

As I disagree with Christian, I created a test branch for countrychooser
to get rid of remaining "choose country" short forms and requested for
to see if this version was less controversial.  I am still waiting for


Just say "choose location" and get over with it...

Don't use iso-s, just the short names...
Isn't there _any_ standard that satisfies this request?

I say we should go for the short names on the maps... is _less_ likely to have any conflict with those. And we even get rid of the political charge as nobody can acuse us of saying that X is a country, teritory, an independent teritory, or whatever! Is just a location !! That's the beauty of it ;) !


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