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Resigning because of the TW issue (was: Re: Experimental countrychooser branch)

Back on the topic : first for some clarification, then for my feelings
about your annouced resignment.

Quoting Herbert Xu (herbert@gondor.apana.org.au):

> No I'm not talking about your personal opinion on TW independence.
> I'm talking about what actions you're taking as the Debian maintainer
> of the package in question.

I come back on this topic. I AM NOT the maintainer of this package.

I am the one who made the bug report about the iso-codes package not
following the standard for the name of TW. So, if I properly
understand your position about this issue, I am the one who should
make you happy.

However, it became evident that this change triggered a lot of
reactions from people living in Taiwan. So, the current work is trying
to deal with these issues and try finding a solution.

I have proposed a few ways to deal with this and Denis Barbier has
proposed other ways. As one may see, Denis and I don't completely
agree, but this does not prevent us from working together because we
both know we work with the same goal, which is not TW independence.

> If your action is to change a list from the ISO/UN in a way that appears
> to appease the people in favour of independence, then I have no choice
> but to resign from this project.

Apparently, following this, you have announced your resignment. My
first reaction has been to find this a bit childish : apparently you
resign because your own personal feelings are deeply hurted because
some people work in what you consider to be "taiwanese

After some thinking, this seems to hurt you deeply, so "childish" is
probably inappropriate : I assume this may be due to Chinese origins
(sorry for just assuming-->I don't know you personnaly and I just make
assumptions based on your name....so, deeply sorry if I'm mistaken in
some way) and maybe influenced by your own personal history.

I indeed have no idea about why you're so hurted by this (please
notice that currently NOTHING HAS CHANGED....we're just discussing).

What I don't understand is why you just resign because there's
something you don't agree with or, more precisely, because something
you don't agree with is currently discussed.

I don't have the English word for the french "chantage" (vorlon?) but
some people may see this like this though it's probably not what you

There are A LOT of things I don't agree with in Debian, especially in
the last weeks. One of those has been the removal of several hardware
support in the kernel packages, for instance (I don't even know if
you're really pro or against it) but, well, I've not yet imagined
resigning because of this.

Again, think twice about it : you're considering resigning because of
some *not yet taken* actions. And, even though some further decided
actions do not go the way you'd prefer, please remember that, as
already written, we live in a real world and in a real world, that's
nearly impossible to achieve perfect agreements. If each and every
Debian Developer resigns because there's something (s)he doesn't like
in Debian, I'm afraid there are no more Debian Developers in a few weeks.

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